Sunday, December 18, 2011


It has been such a wonderful time for us to share our ideas for cards with you! It is time now for a break, so we all can enjoy the holiday season with friends and family. We will be returning with more card ideas January 2nd, 2012, but until then, we’d like to invite you to come back and see some pictures of our Christmas with word art. There will be a daily post, excluding Christmas Day, Boxing Day and January 1st.

Our very first Christmas break post is from Chris Durnan:
1 Chris Durnan
One of my favorite Christmas decoration is this barbwire Christmas tree. My
hubby and I got it at a charity event for TROT, an organization that helps
many people, disabled and vets,  through horses. One of my passions in life
are horses.  We had a fantastic evening and I think of it and the charity
and their work whenever I get the tree out of the storage every year. And
for more on the story of why the nativity scene is all a mess. I posted this
pic on my blog in 2008
<> .
We had a twister in the house.
I want to wish everyone a happy holidays. I, also, hope everyone's new year
is filled with happiness, adventure and to love your life.  May one blessing
every day in 2012 fill you with happiness.

Chris Durnan

Come back tomorrow for another designer’s tree and sentiment! And remember, we will be returning January 2nd, 2012 with more daily card making ideas!

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  1. Love the story of the twister at your blog! Too cute about talking your son into cleaning his room up :-) Thanks for sharing your tree and Christmas with us!