Sunday, April 20, 2014

I can't count the ways I love Mom!

Here is a simple idea for a card to count the ways you love your Mom :-)
I made it with some digital files, but you can use the idea to use any embellishments you have. I hope it inspires you to keep it simple, and use embellishments to tie your designs together.... When I make this card, it will have this phrase inside.... I can't count the ways I love you... I love you so much!

The M was type written in with the font: GoudyHvyface Cn Bt.
The number heart is from Silhouette: heart with numbers
The heart ribbon border must be a discontinued pattern, as I searched for it every which way in my Sihouette Studio and couldn't find it... you could replicate it by even using fine ribbon and gluing it onto the card front in a pattern (would really add neat texture IMHO!).

I've got to apologize.... the background is supposed to be white... and it is when I saved it as a picture, but when I put it into the blog post it is a pale mauve.... will have to figure out that later! I hope the card inspires you though!

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