Wednesday, August 7, 2013

For Mom…

This is a really simple card to do… Pick out your background pattern, co-ordinate a ribbon or paper strips on the bottom. Personalize by putting their name on it, and then decorate as desired.
I started doing this card by gathering some scraps I had. I started with the green background and butterfly border. I then picked out a contrasting plain purple paper to crimp and put under the butterfly border.. I had stickers to make the word Mom above the paper ribbon, but didn’t like the lack of contrast, so I used a gold paint pen that made it sparkle!  I had the green frame “extra” from another project, and thought it would be nice to use to frame a flower with some gold ferns and a pink butterfly.
Let your imagination guide you as to what to put into the frame… perhaps a picture of the person’s favorite place to camp, their car (aka toys)… you can have so much fun doing something so simple Smile Enjoy!
Shelley Bordeleau (Gardens Crafts ‘n’ More)

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  1. the dt here demonstrates so many things I've forgotten about--like crimping paper--lovely card!