Friday, October 5, 2012

A Quick Peek - CHRISTMAS

I love cards and that move and/or pop up! Whenever I see one, I want to take it apart to see how it is made. I love paper puzzles.

For this card I used one of my new files Thru the Window [LV00228]
The card is cut from plain card stock. One sheet of blue and one of creme. The shutters are left open to be seen when the card is closed. The card closes with the fold to the bottom. This way trees can be adhered to the back of the window for a misty far away look if the card is placed against a light source.

I used a metallic gold gel pen to loosely scribble a border on the blue. The loose lines add interest and hopefully bring the whole thing together. I may add some more lines above the window.

A window is also a great way to showcase a photo of an outdoor scene. A view of children building a snowman, or a herd of deer wandering around out back, a garden, the ocean,...... This is where your imagination starts and mine ends.

Thank you for looking and don't forget to give the challenge a go! There are some great prizes lined up!

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