Saturday, September 8, 2012

Happy Autumn

Patricia here, and I am thinking of Autumn.  As summer comes to a close in less than a couple of weeks, I cannot help but to think of fallen leaves, and the thoughts of me and my siblings running and jumping into the leaves (hey, you would surprised of the tom boyish things I can do in a dress, LOL.)  With that in mind, let me point your attention to the card.  As you have read for some time now, I like to keep things simple and light, even when the card looks complicated. It takes just three items to make this card.  I had in mind of kids and leaves when I made this card.   If you want to learn how I made this card, come on over to my blog, MDN Creates, and I promise not to throw leaves. What I am going to throw to you some instructions on how to make this card
Well this is the last day for the Autumn theme.  Tomorrow starts a new theme: Canadian Thanksgiving, which is celebrated at a different time of year than the United States.  So come back tomorrow to see what the card looks like.  Until then, have a great day.

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