Saturday, December 24, 2011

Greetings! December 24th

Christmas Eve! It’s a wonder how quickly the time has passed! Tina Campbell’s collage sums up the best of the season, and our hopes for you and yours!

7 Tina Campbell Christmas-Collage-CADB
We will return to our Christmas Break posts December 27th!
And remember, we will be returning January 2nd, 2012 with more daily card making ideas!
6 Christine Patton 5 Snowman Nutcracker Cynthia Foster 3 SantaGreeting Cindy Pointe
Christine Patton Cindy Foster Shelley Bordeleau Cindy Up in Northern Michigan
2 GiftsGo Michelle Hessler 1 Chris Durnan
Michelle Hessler Chris Durnan


  1. Thanks Shelley for the additional comment. I wish you and yours a fantastic holiday!

  2. Lovely collage, Tina. I'm sure those photos bring back some wonderful memories!

  3. I've never done a lot of picture collages, but it is really nice the way you have arranged the photos.... they draw your eye from one to the other just the right way! Good job!

  4. Thanks everyone yes they did bring back some fun memories. New memories now too.