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We are blessed to have several designers from throughout the Crafting Community!  They have each written a little about themselves here, so please take the time to get to know each of them!

Shelley Bordeleau: Gardens Crafts 'n More
Oh my, where do I begin?

It's really hard to nail down when I started paper crafting, as I’ve been crafting since I was a child. I wouldn’t describe myself specifically as a paper crafter. My mother allowed me to try almost every craft I asked her to get me stuff for. For paper crafts, I tend to walk the edge of digital to traditional. I like trying to use different things that you wouldn’t necessarily think of using together – for example, I did a shadowbox picture once using bits and pieces of driftwood and items from the beach (including sand), with quilling paper and techniques to create a landscape theme.

I started focusing on the digital side of paper crafts when I was soap making, designing labels, boxes and such. I do a fair bit of poster making for events at work (potluck lunches, birthday calendars etc.). I’ve made our family Christmas cards for the past 10 years. I bought a Silhouette cutter 4 years ago, and don’t use it to the fullest, so if I had a list of things to do, it would be to incorporate cut files in my cards more often.

Techniques: I plan to incorporate in my cards this year: Iris folding, stenciling, using resists, watercolors (acrylics actually), yarn and fabric (still thinking about how I’ll incorporate them). I want to do a quilted card for my sister’s birthday this year, as she is a quilter, and has involved me in her quilting guild.

Styles I want to develop: Nothing traditional, more a montage of techniques and items. I love the Group of Seven, and Haida art. If I could create something with the color flow and movement of the Group of Seven, and with the simplicity and symmetry of the Haida, I would be happy. This year I am going outside my comfort zone by committing to do so many different cards... card making for me has usually only been an October thru December thing. I’m so happy to be involved in the Card a Day Blog for the inspiration you all give me!

I just started blogging this year, and have not followed any blogs before that. I do enjoy watching youtube videos and series on youtube: Finally Friday with Kandis Smith, starofmay (she does a 25 days of Christmas card series) her blog is http://www.kwernerdesign.com and Splitcoast stampers.

My blog is more of a digital journal of things I’ve been up to... so there will be seasonal things on my blog that intersperse with my Card a Day Blog posts... I love gardening, seeding and propagating, woodworking, fabric arts, cooking and preserving, camping, hiking, photography. So much to do! My real full time job is being a sterile supply technician at the hospital. I love it as I get to work with tools, and learn how they are used. There is rarely a day at work that I don’t learn something new!

Designer for the Card a Day Blog at http://cardadayblog.blogspot.com

Jan Bryson: Sam & Hailey Designs
Bio to come soon!
Tina Campbell: Tina's Scrap Corner
I've always been a crafter of some sort but scraping started with a couple of friends introducing me to the craft in 2007 and I've been at it since. I always loved taking pictures but then I just put them in an album, but scrapbooking changed all that, it redefined for me how to present a photo. Cardmaking just started last year about this time when I took a class at my local scrapbook shop: Scrapin' with Kat. I so fell in love with this craft.  Two of my favorite products is my cricut and my cuddlebug. They both seem to work together in my papercrafting but I'm just now starting to get in the stamping side of cardmaking and enjoy that also. I like doing both cardmaking and scrapping and I like learning new techniques with it. I feel a card I make myself really comes from the heart and is just more rewarding to give.

Tina from PA
my blog: http://tinasscrapcorner.blogspot.com/
designer for: http://cardadayblog.blogspot.com/

Chris Durnan: Visual Designs by Chris

Bio To come soon!!
my blog:  http://www.visualdesignsbychris.blogspot.com

Jill Figley: Created by Jill
For me, this all started when I discovered scrapbooking. I was never really interested in scrapbooking, or any other paper crafts for that matter, until I started taking lots of photos of my grand sons, and I wasn't doing anything with them but just leaving them in files on my computer. So, I decided to try my hand at scrapbooking. I was instantly hooked. I joined a few Yahoo groups on the subject, which led to my discovery of the Cricut, and Sure Cuts A lot. I decided to join a few groups on the Cricut, and from there, I started seeing other things that others where creating, including cards, and I decided maybe I would try my hand at making cards too. I made a few here and there, but never really had many occasions I needed cards for, since I was never into sending cards much, and then, about a year ago, I found out about Operation Write Home. It sounded like a wonderful cause, and that's when card making for me really took off.

I have since made a few hundred cards for Operation Write home, and have gotten into making my own Christmas cards, and for other occasions. I also enjoy making other paper crafts, such as gift boxes, bags, paper bag albums, and pretty much anything else that catches my interest. I have also found that I am a hoarder, but that's a whole different story...lol!

Jill Figley...:-) 

Cindy Foster: Cindy's Creations
I love to create things. I owe much of this to my mom and my grandmothers; they would be found crocheting, sewing or working some new project. They encouraged me to make things even when they didn't turn out perfect. I have been scrapbooking in some form or another since I was a child. I started traditional scrapbooking when my guys were in school to preserve their memories, then I had to take a calligraphy class with a friend and that started the card making with the yearly Christmas cards, then birthdays and now the list just never stops. I normally have several projects going at one time, a quilt or afghan, maybe a new beading project and of course some form of a paper craft.  
Cindy F.
Michelle Hessler: Paperthreads
I grew up with a Grandmother and Great Grandmother that spent many hours baking, cooking and crafting. I was always interested in what projects they were working on, and learned at an early age to do fabric painting, quilling, plastic canvas, cross stitch, cake decorating, and crocheting.
I dabbled in a little bit of everything as I grew older, and every year tried to find a new project to work on for holiday gifts that year! I then started having problems with my wrists and carpel tunnel, and I had to give up many of the crafts I loved. Around that time, I was invited to a stamp club at my church. I had started doing a few things with scrapbooking at that time, but hadn’t tried cards. I decided from that point, that I loved card making, as I could get a sense of accomplishment by making 4-5 cards in a sitting.

My Projects: I have made a couple Advent Calendars this year, but mostly, I’m still doing card making. I have made a couple albums on request from friends and family, and have found myself locked into doing a bunch of wall words and home décor items.

Favorite Designers:  I love many of them…I don’t follow any of designer too closely, just a hodge podge here and there as I find the time!  I do love the SEI and Quick Quotes lines and project ideas, and find inspiration in their catalogs.

Favorite Products/Tehniques: My favorite products are electronic die cutters and copic markers.  I would be lost in my crafting room without them.  I was lucky enough to get the time carved out to get Copic Certified, and hope to get the Intermediate certification done soon(if they ever have one close enough and when I’m not committed to something else at that time.)

Things I want to try and learn: I’m sure there are many things I haven’t tried yet.  I want to do more with my melting pot and UTEE, but have never been able to master it…someday I’ll get it figured out.

Michelle Hessler

Lucy Kelleher: Love 2 Create
I live in Southern California with my amazing husband of 10 years.   We met while training in Aikido, a Japanese martial art almost 20 years ago.  We now own our own Aikido dojo (school) where I teach our children’s classes.  I became a trial paralegal right out of school but decided to change careers about 8 years ago.  I went back to school and became a teacher.  After 5 years of teaching 3rd and 4th grade students, I am now a full-time Close to My Heart consultant and LOVING it!  I have traded in teaching my little guys for teaching and creating memories with my “big” kids.

I have to admit that I was never particularly craft growing up.   I always wanted it to be “perfect” the first time I made something.  Hardly a stress-free activity!  I began crafting over 12 years ago when I saw a mother of one of my students working on cards in her car while waiting for her sons to come out. She invited me to a card workshop and I have been absolutely hooked every since.  I have been with Close to My Heart for a little over 6 years now and am always amazed at all the new products they come up with every year.  Every new Idea Book inspires me.  I have only been in the blogging world for a couple of years but love posting projects and ideas and getting feedback from others.  I am a firm believer that there are really no “mistakes” in creating.  ANYTHING can be fixed!  Absolutely anything!  
Christine Patton: Creative Genie-ous
Bio To come soon!!

Cindy Pointe: Creative Pointe
I've been a painter for over 20 years and had hesitated getting into papercrafting as I "already had enough hobbies",  but my sister (Vicki @ The Paper Squirrel)became a Stampin' Up demonstrator and I received lots of product by helping her out hosting a party and then letting her pay off a washer with stamps! I basically just fiddled around making a few cards now and then.  Since I don't have kids I didn't think I "needed" to scrapbook. That all changed when my sisters, Mom and I created a scrapbook for my Dad's 70th birthday and I really enjoyed it. So...I made scrapbooks for my dogs!  And then for trips. Now I scrap everything that is meaningful to me. A few years ago I got a Cricut to make scrapping easier and then discovered Sure Cuts A Lot. What a revelation! I could make anything I wanted from paper! Now I design SVG files that I offer for free on my blog and sell in three online stores.  As for painting, I still love it but I find myself papercrafting more and more. I've recently moved into multi-media artwork where I can use ALL my paint and paper supplies and am loving it!  My cards are reflecting this new passion. On the Card A Day Blog, I like to feature cards that show a particular technique. Then, if readers are interested, they can get all the details on my own blog: www.creativepointe.blogspot.com

Cindy Pointe
"Up In Northern Michigan"

Shirley Ross: Mom 'n Me Scraps
In 2000, I found myself drawn toward a new creative outlet, scrapbooking. My sister-in-law introduced me to this art medium and I soon found myself in love. In love with the feel of the paper, the colors, the photos, the memories, and most importantly, how it made me feel – happy.

I could spend hours creating a layout, blocking out the world around me, even if just for a while. The coolest benefit, my Mom and I scrapped together, thus my blog name Mom ‘n Me Scrap.

The best part of being a ‘papercrafter’, is the friends. Just as in the quilting bee days of yesteryear, papercrafting brings women together with a common thread, a place to share, fellowship, and feel welcome.

This journey has led to my adventure in running my own stamping and scrapbooking business. The old adage is true ‘when you find your passion, make it your career’. It has worked for me.

My favorite product line, Close To My Heart; my style ‘the blinger the better’; where I want to go next, I love learning and teaching new techniques especially stamping techniques.

Vicki Schram: Paper Squirrel

I come from a "crafty" family and have felt the creative urge for as long as I can remember. From drawing and painting to needlecrafts, I dabble in it all, but papercrafting is my passion. I also have a tendency to hoard away craft supplies and have been trying to overcome my aversion to cutting into the "good" paper...hence I am the Paper Squirrel!

I hold a BAA in Interior Design and have worked in various aspects of the home furnishings industry since 1998. Born and raised in mid-Michigan, I now live in southeast Michigan with my "boys"… two crazy cats that keep me laughing (and sighing) -- Oliver, my cranky 12 year old grey shorthair and Dodger, my one year old orange tabby.


Laury Vaden: Just Laury
I am a mom of 6 (including a son in law and daughter in law to be!), Nana to 1 and wife for 33 years! We live in New Jersey (not the shore).

I love to design! A good design is the end product!  Cards to me are small canvases to fill with paint, paper, glitter, fabric, ribbon, thread, sticks, melted crayons, markers,shells, egg shells, whatever comes to hand! I look forward to the challenges of card design for this blog. I hope you enjoy my little creations.

Other stuff
I have always been surrounded by art, and it was an influence in my formative years. I grew up in a home where the walls were filled with paintings and the shelves filled with beautiful objects. Some of my parents’ closest friends were artists.

I am a painter, quilter, weaver, spinner, computer artist, tatter, knitter, fabric designer, jewelry designer etc. My work is as diverse as the media I work in. I love to learn new techniques and new ways of creating beauty. I am entranced and amazed by the uniqueness of each media/technique. I love texture and color.
Most of my structured art training happened after high school. While my degrees are in computer science, I focused on art in both my undergraduate and graduate work. Throughout my adult life, I have continued to take classes in various techniques to enlarge my portfolio. My work has also been part of juried gallery shows and festivals here in NJ.
Digital cutters free us from a two-dimensional world and bring pixels to three-dimensional life.

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