Thursday, February 2, 2012

A golden invite

My parents celebrated their golden anniversary last year.  Now as eldest daughter and the only one who makes scrapbooks, crafts, and stationary, it was my duty to make the perfect invite.   (I have a brother and a sister).  For my original, I asked my parents what were their favorite colors AS A COUPLE, lol.   I am laughing, because my father is not into that sort of thing (most men are not), and would have preferred to just put the invite on printer paper and send it to everyone.  Mommy was indecisive, and we spent 30 minutes in Archivers on color alone.

Anyway, when I almost forgot it was my turn to present this to you today, I wanted to show you the original, but it had a minor problem; my personal information, so I went back into MS. Publisher, and changed it.   It actually turned out better than the original and I am  please with the results.   You can view it on my blog, MDN Creates.   I had fun recreating this invite.   My tip  for you is, if you are stuck on making a quick card or invite, and cannot see what we have crated here on the Card a Day Blog, try recreating an old card you made.   Use different colors and different sayings.  You will be surprised at what you can come up with.  Thank you for looking and the instructions on how to make it will be on my blog.



  1. Nice invite, yep totally understand that story the expectations people have for us cause of our hobby.

  2. Great invitation Patricia, and I know what you mean about being the eldest daughter! heehee But I'm lucky because both my sisters are super creative so it's not all on my shoulders.