Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Birthday

This card is in the VDBC Gallery. And it was created by rpcrafter.

And it is an awesome card for many reasons. 
First it is a Spring Chic. the theme for Card A Day today is Spring. 
And it is a BIRTHDAY card. And it is my son's 9th birthday today!
So much fun and so much excitement around here. 

So thank you to Renae for posting this uber cute card.  
And if you want to see a gushing post about my little guy visit my blog today. 
I just can't help it. My hubby and I are just filled with love every day.
From his goofy jokes, silly pranksters and loving hugs. The best. 
Thank you soooo much for stopping by to see this Spring Card!
Thank you Renae for all your pretty projects in the VDBC gallery!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Stop by tomorrow and see....Cindy Foster's project!

Join us in our April Challenge!

1 comment:

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