Saturday, November 10, 2012

Going back to it --

So my topic was Christmas Gift Card. I have quite a few friends that do not celebrate Christmas and also those I give gifts to at this time that it is not really a Christmas gift card. It's just great to have them help us throughout the year kinda gift. Horse Shoer, etc. Just that I appreciate their level of service even when life can be a struggle.  I was so frustrated with my last post two days ago on the blog that I took what started as a "religious gift card with crazy microbeads and revamped the front to make it into a gift card for one of those that are not "christmas" gifts but more holiday.

It's been a crazy week. What can I say? Just that it's been crazy. And I am still thinking microbeads might just be a pretty accent to my craft room shelf. And not a viable option for glueing as they are stuck on my fingers with glue. ha! on to the next adventure.

Have a great weekend!
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Tomorrow is Tina Campbell. Come back and see what she has to add to your inspiration!

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