Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gift Card

Today is my post on the Card A day blog. My theme is gift card. I need a religious one. I am trying to work more with these pretty little microbeads that I have. They just befuddle me. Yes I used the word befuddle me. In trying to make them look nice and even. But it just doesn't work no matter what I do. If you have some tips and tricks, I will take them. I will keep trying to add to the card and make them look better. I just gave up when I saw how crummy they looked.
Let me say tho…. I have a few very pretty jars of microbeads that add lovely color! Just so pretty.
Basically this is a card for a religious event we are having at Christmas time. i.e. the cross and I love this stamp. It's just pretty. 
Please I beg you.. give me your microbead tips…. on my blog

Thank you!!

Come back tomorrow for... Patricia Logan! Can't wait to see what she has to show you!

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