Friday, February 24, 2012

Wedding Invite Idea

Die cut machine to the rescue!!

Yes, I have had several opportunities for making wedding invitations for friends and family!  It's funny, I never thought I would cut something, and design something that important (and boy did I have everyone proof read everything to make sure!)

I have made 5 wedding invitations for family and friends over the last couple years!  Here is one I did a couple years ago, for a friends daughter.

They were under a really tight budget, so we bought the paper in bulk, and used my cutting machine (KNK Maxx) and away we went!

The card is made from a turquoise card base, with the black piece cut so there was a square window and rose cut out.  This was glued to the top of the turquoise base.  Then, the printed square of their names was glued evenly inside the cut out square!  (3 pieces total making up the outside of the card!)  For the glue, we used a combination of ATG gun for the straight edges of the cad, and scotch quick glue, and just dabbed a couple in place on the thin part of the rose cut out, then placed on the base.  The printed square was put through a Xyron 9" runner, then trimmed and stuck into place.

 The inside base of the card was printed, trimmed and placed on the inside of the card.  Super easy to do and using my ATG gun, took next to no time to place them all!

In order to get the information on the hotels, RSVP and bridal registry, we did a small "bookmark" type insert.  We used the same rose cut out, and turned it into a printed rose, then cut one piece of book mark, and glued hotel info on one side of it, and then the RSVP and bridal registry went onto the second side!

It's so easy to use your electronic die cutters to get these things made!  We made 175 wedding invitations for this wedding, it took about 7 hours all together (3 of us working on it) to cut and assemble them all.  And the total cost for the invitations was $108!!  That included the envelopes and paper (and the paper had a nice texture on it too, making it more elegant!)  We simplified the pattern as much as possible, where it still looked fancy, but was cut in just a few pieces for easy assembly!

Hope you enjoyed!

Michelle Hessler



  1. Wow what a fantastic invite and a smart idea for the frugal Bride. TFS

  2. Holy Moly, what an awesome card (an etc) that you did for them! Awesome!!