Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kiss Me ....Paper Napkin Card

Hello Everyone 
        This Is Terri from Ramblings of A Texas Craft Room. Today its my turn to bring you a St Pattys Day card. This is the first St Pattys day card I have ever made. Oh, to be Irish on St Patty Day! What fun they seem to have.
           Im always on the look out for interesting paper napkins to use in my cardmaking. When I saw a package of napkins that had red lips all over it. I bought them even though I wasnt sure how I would use them. Once I got them home and started thinking about it. I knew St Pattys Day was the prefect time to use the napkins. I also have a very small stamp that was of  some puckered lips. With a little green ink a cute card was born.
Stop over at my blog for the how too's. I have a video there, I made last year showing how to make a card with paper nakpins and cling wrap. I hope you enjoy!
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Happy Crafting in 2012

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  1. I love how you use alternate items like napkins in your cardmaking! Me too! Love the card! TFS